Bradford Stop the War Coalition Why We Oppose the War - What You Can Do

On this page we've put down a few of the reasons that we oppose this war and offer some suggestions as to things you might want to do to help end the carnage.

You can download this information as a leaflet to distribute to you friends and colleagues.

Why We Oppose the War

Gaza - A River Of Blood

murdered in GazaThousands live in tents in the shadow of the ruins of their homes. Israel's savage blockade is preventing essential resources entering Gaza and blocking $4.5 billion of aid which has been pledged for reconstruction. The United Nations Secretary General refuses to publish in full a report with details of Israeli war crimes and has blocked any further investigation of Israel's barbaric invasion of Gaza. The suffering in Gaza continues, civilians are killed, hospitals, schools and homes are demolished, and food resources are destroyed. Join us in opposing the war criminals.

Afghanistan - Terror For Innocents

injured by bomb in AfghanistanRed Cross observers sent to the site of US air strikes on May 5 in western Afghanistan saw houses destroyed and dozens of dead bodies, including women and children. "We can absolutely confirm there were civilian casualties. It seemed they were trying to shelter in houses when they were hit." Local officials say up to 150 people were killed. A girl named Shafiqa who was wounded said: "We were at home when the bombing started. Seven members of my family were killed."

Iraq - A Monstrous Crime

injured by bombs in Iraq Those responsible for the human and social catastrophe unleashed by the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, on both sides of the Atlantic, are desperate to rewrite its history and salvage the reputation of those armies that carried it out. That propaganda offensive has now reached fever pitch. This was clearly a warm crime against the Iraqi people, the war criminals need to be brought to justice.

Pakistan and Iran - Next In Line

Pakistan has been drawn into this bloody war. Bombing by drone planes has brought devastation to ordinary people living in Pakistan. Iran is also described as an axis of evil country and the idea of attacking Iran has not been withdrawn. The warmongers include Henry Kissinger who has involved himself in inciting wars between people for decades: North and South Vietnam, Iraq and Iran, India and Pakistan are just a few examples. Now they are inciting wars between the Pakistan Army and Taliban. Join us and bring the war criminals to their knees.

What You Could Do To Help

Volunteer with Bradford Stop the War Coalition

We need to raise awareness of the atrocities our government is committing for the sake of accruing world resources and control.

In 30 seconds you can purchase a badge, wrist band or leave a leaflet on a bus, train or in the office tea room.

In 1 minute you can learn the latest information from the STWC website and forward emails or texts to friends, relatives and colleagues.

In 5 minutes you could sign petitions (available online at STWC website) or at stalls held in your area.

In 15 minutes could become a paid member of the organisation. You will be sent action alerts and newsletters.

In 1 hour you could take part in a fundraising activity. Raising awareness requires funding so it would be a great help if you could take part or organise a sponsored walk, face painting or attend a stall in your local town centre.

In 90 minutes you could attend STWC monthly meetings in your local area in order to help plan and guide local awareness activities.

Bradford Stop The War Coalition meets on the 1st Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at Desmond Tutu House, 2 Ashgrove (entrance on Great Horton Road opposite the University of Bradford)

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The Coalition

Bradford Stop the War Coalition (affiliated to the National Stop the War Coalition) is a loose grouping of individuals and organisations united in their horror of a war that still continues and is still killing innocent people every day.

What You Can Do

For some suggestions on what you do to help end the horror of this murderous war take a look at our Why? & What? page or download our leaflet.


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