Bradford Stop the War Coalition Saddam Hussein to hang, December 2006

Saddam Hussein to hang:
Mass slaughter continues

No one in the anti-war movement will shed a tear for Saddam Hussein, whatever his fate. Many people opposing the Bush/Blair wars today campaigned against Saddam's tyrannical regime in the 1980s, when he was supported by both the US and British governments.

Saddam's death sentence will not be a decisive moment in Iraq, any more than all the other "turning points" that George Bush has announced in the last three years. Whether Saddam is hanged or not, the carnage in Iraq will continue, because it is foreign occupation which is causing death rates among Iraqis to run at higher levels now than at any time since the illegal invasion in March 2003.

There is only one solution to the mass slaughter and destruction which has turned Iraq into hell on earth. All occupation troops must leave now so that Iraqis can decide for themselves how they want to be governed and control their own resources.

Woman with dead childDeaths in Iraq since March 2003

Source: BBC

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