Bradford Stop the War Coalition Saddam Hussein's execution changes nothing, December 2007

Saddam Hussein's execution changes nothing

ExplosionSaddam Hussein's execution changes nothing in Iraq. His death is just one more to add to the 650,000 slaughtered by the Bush/Blair war. In the 24 hours before he was hanged, dozens of Iraqis died violent deaths. Six American soldiers and one British soldier were killed. This carnage will continue and worsen for every day that the US/UK occupation of Iraq continues.

The greatest indictment of the occupation - which George Bush and Tony Blair said would bring liberation from Saddam Hussein - is that 90% of Iraqis think the country was better under his brutal dictatorship.

Saddam Hussein's trial - in a court set up and controlled by the occupying power - had nothing to do with justice and everything to do with trying to justify an illegal war after the event. His execution was also intended to stop him disclosing how for much of his reign of terror he was supported by the US and Britain.

Dead men don't talk, but Iraqis don't need Saddam Hussein's death to remind them that US and British intervention has always brought catastrophe to the country.

Whether by illegal war and occupation, or whether by supporting tyrants or toppling them, US and British governments have always had the same objective: to control the region that has the largest reserves of the world's most valuable asset: oil.

George Bush is poised to announce a "new policy" for Iraq. We can be certain that it will not include the one solution to the horrific levels of death and destruction suffered by Iraqis every day: The end to the occupation and the removal of all foreign troops.

Which is why across the world in the coming months the anti-war movement - representing the vast majority who oppose the Bush/Blair wars - will be holding mass protests in London, in Washington and elsewhere, with the clear message: Bring the troops home now.

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