Bradford Stop the War Coalition People's Assembley for Peace Declaration, 30 August 2003

This People's Assembly reaffirms its opposition to that war and further declares:

1. That it is now clear that the government of Tony Blair systematically lied to the people and to Parliament about the threat from Iraq in order to manipulate opinion in support of his aggression. In particular, intelligence information was falsified to sustain the argument that the Iraqi regime possessed weapons of mass destruction which could be used at short notice.

2. That this conduct represents a negation of democracy, and exposes as fraudulent the diplomacy conducted by the British government through the United Nations prior to the attack on Iraq.

3. That the government should be held to account by the public and parliament for these lies and this assault on democracy, and that all its actions be opened to full public scrutiny. We need an inquiry into the whole war policy and the thousands of deaths it caused and is still causing, not just the tragic death of Dr David Kelly alone.

This People's Assembly further demands an end to the illegal Anglo-American occupation of Iraq, the transfer of political power in Iraq to representatives of the Iraqi people and the withdrawal of all British and US military forces from Iraq.

We demand that the British government dissociate itself from all further wars of aggression planned by the U.S. administration under the pretext of the "war on terror", including any attacks on Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Libya or elsewhere, and adopt instead a foreign policy based on principles of peace and social justice.

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Bradford Stop the War Coalition (affiliated to the National Stop the War Coalition) is a loose grouping of individuals and organisations united in their horror of a war that still continues and is still killing innocent people every day.

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