Bradford Stop the War Coalition Using Centenary Square for demonstrations

The police and Bradford Council have asked us to pass on contact details of Officers in the Council and the Police who should be informed about any events antiwar groups are planning in the square. Anyone using the square is required to obtain permission from City Centre Management. Contact: Vanessa Mitchell, based in City Hall.

They are also asked to inform the Council's Emergency Planning Team, Bob Adsett or Anne Beattie, again based in City Hall. We don't have their phone numbers, but the main City Hall switchboard will connect callers. Alternatively, e-mail

Finally, we are also asked to notify the police as quickly as possible via the Community Policing Unit, Inspector Martin Baines on (01274) 396 417, or on mobile 07798 518 035 or Inspector David R. Campbell (

If you need any help organising an anti-war protest then contact us:

(This guidance was given in April 2003, responsible individuals may have changed since then.)

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Bradford Stop the War Coalition (affiliated to the National Stop the War Coalition) is a loose grouping of individuals and organisations united in their horror of a war that still continues and is still killing innocent people every day.

What You Can Do

For some suggestions on what you do to help end the horror of this murderous war take a look at our Why? & What? page or download our leaflet.


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