Bradford Stop the War Coalition 8 August 2006

Unconditional Ceasefire Now! demonstration in London

The Stop the War demonstration on Saturday 5 August brought more than 100,000 protestors onto London's streets. This is unprecedented for a protest called with only one week's notice.

They came from every corner of Britain. Hundreds of national and local organisations were there: from the trade unions, from Muslim associations and mosques, from Lebanese community groups; from CND and dozens of local peace groups; from the Green Party, Respect, Labour against the War and many other political organisations. Such is the nationwide anger at Israel's barbaric destruction of Lebanon and Gaza. All were united in the demand for an immediate unconditional ceasefire in Lebanon and Gaza.

Bradford Stop the War banner

The entrance to Downing StreetDemonstrators chantingChildren's shoes placed on The Cenotaph as a memorial'Play it again, Sam' placardChurchill holding protest placardsJudaism rejects the Zionist stateAnti-Zionist jews supporting the demonstration
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Bradford Stop the War Coalition (affiliated to the National Stop the War Coalition) is a loose grouping of individuals and organisations united in their horror of a war that still continues and is still killing innocent people every day.

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