Bradford Stop the War Coalition 19 November 2003

Rally in Bradford Against the Bush Visit

On Wednesday 19 November, a rally was held in Bradford City Centre. Speeches were made by a local clergyman, councillor, trade union officer and anti-war campaigners. They related to the invasion of Iraq, its occupation and, of course, the State Visit to Britain of the Warmonger-in-Chief.

Approx. 200 attended at some point in the evening, and at the end, most proceeded to Bradford Central Police Station to hand a letter in. The letter, backed by a c200 name petition, claimed that the Prime Minister had broken English law, in the way the invasion of Iraq was executed. Aside from the illegality of the 'war' at all, it claims that cluster bombs are not effective against military targets, but civilian; and the radioactive remnants of depleted uranium weapons will have devastating effects on many humans for decades to come. As well as targetting the civillian population, the thousands of unexploded bomblets effectively become land-mines.

We believe these to be War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity, contrary to the International Criminal Court Act, 2001, and the Homicide Act, 1977. We have followed our social duty to report the crimes, and asked the Police/Crown Prosecution Service to investigate.

Because of the nature of the claims, the police expected the allegations to be passed to the Home Office for action.

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